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Honeyside Farms has been growing produce in Sarasota County for the past four years.  Honeyside Farms strives to provide the freshest, local produce to the surrounding local community.  We sell produce that is grown right on our farm.Honeyside Farms grows crops using a method known as bio-rational.  Our farming practices are based on what is best for our produce, our farm, our health, and the environment.  We control insects with sprays that are used in organic production.  Honeyside Farms is not USDA certified organic.

Grower Tiffany Bailey and her farther, Jack Bispham, both studied Agriculture at the University of Florida.  Together they work hard to provide high quality and delicious fruits and vegetables.  Honeyside Farms is most famous for their strawberries, which are available from December-April.

Honeyside Farms sells their produce at the Sarasota Downtown Farmers Market on Saturdays (Nov.-May only) and at the Phillippi Farmhouse Market on Wednesdays (Nov.-May only).  This year will be the first year Honeyside Farms will invite their customers to the farm for a ‘u-pick’ strawberry season from mid-February thru March.



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